Napoleon III

Pasteurization and Wine Diseases

Pasteurization and Wine Diseases On 23 January 1860, the Cobden–Chevalier Treaty, an Anglo-French free trade agreement, was signed between Great Britain and France. The treaty ended tariffs on various items of trade, silk, wine, […]

Bordeaux: The World’s Wine Capital

Bordeaux: The World's Wine Capital The French region of Bordeaux has a fascinating history of wine production. Consequently, it has been branded one of the world's wine capitals. Bordeaux wine history dates back […]

August 8

August 8, 1856: On this day, pathologist Newton Pierce was born. The unknown disease that devastated wide swaths of grape vines in Southern California, USA, was originally described by Newton Pierce in 1892. The […]

April 18

April 18, 1855: On this day, the Bordeaux Wine Official Classification took place at the request of Napoleon III. All of the wines in Bordeaux were ranked by brokers in order of importance. The […]

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