We call it New World Wine, but it really is the legacy of Colonialism and wine. Look into this turning point category to see how the Age of Exploration led to New World Wine regions with all the good, the bad, and the ugly that came with it.

The Pre-Colonial Wine Of Indigenous Peoples

The Pre-Colonial Wine Of Indigenous Peoples Before the first colonizers set foot in the Americas, Indigenous peoples were creating fermented beverages from local plants. In Mexico, there were over 30 different types of alcoholic […]

How The ‘Mission Grape’ Started New World Wine

How The 'Mission Grape' Started New World Wine The Mission grape has never been massively popular with wine critics. One study of the history of viticulture in the United States before Prohibition in 1919 […]

The Origins of California Wine

The Origins of California Wine California is one of the world’s most acclaimed wine production regions. It makes up roughly 90% of the wine industry in the United States. And if California were its […]

Fray Junípero Serra Dates in Wine History

Fray Junípero Serra Miquel Josep Serra I Ferrer (Catalan), which translates into Miguel José Serra Ferrer in Castilian, was born in Petra (a village on Mallorca Island) off the Mediterranean coast of Spain. He […]


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