Women and Wine

The history of wine is full of stories of how women and wine were treated in view of cultural norms of the time. Learn about this theme that has straddled wine history from the beginning.

Italian Women’s Struggle for Equality in The Wine Industry

Italian Women's Struggle for Equality in The Wine Industry Labor force inequalities have plagued the labor market since industrialization. Transitioning into the paid labor force came with challenges, especially for women. The rise of […]

History of Wine and Fashion

History of Wine and Fashion For decades, fashion and wine have been inextricably interlinked. The fashion elite loves to party at wine and fizz-fueled gatherings. On the other hand, the wineries understand the appeal […]

The Widow Madame Clicquot: How One Woman Changed the Entire Champagne Industry

The Widow Clicquot: How One Woman Changed the Entire Champagne Industry She invented the “table de remuage” (riddling table) to clarify champagne, and found out how to make wine clear and beautiful in a glass. […]


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