Napa Valley

War of the Apostrophe: The Defining Moments in California’s Wine-Making History

The Defining Moments in California's Wine-Making History By 1895, the Napa Valley wine business was booming and Stags’ Leap was producing upwards of 40,000 gallons of wine annually. Before the 19th century, no one […]

August 15

August 15, 1038: On this day, Saint Stephen of Hungary passed away. From 1000 or 1001 until he died in 1038, Stephen I, sometimes referred to as King Saint Stephen, reigned as Hungary's first […]

The Month of July

July 1478 to May 1576: In this period, a group of Catholic monks is credited with having started the production of wine making. These monks eventually cut their links with the church, which resulted […]


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