Pinot Noir

History Of Wine in Canada

  Canadian wine is primarily produced in Ontario and British Columbia, the two largest wine-producing provinces in Canada, with two-thirds of Canada's vineyard acreage situated in Ontario[1]. However, wine-producing regions are also present in other areas, including Alberta, Quebec, New Brunswick, […]

History of wine in Tasmania and New Zealand

Wine history in Tasmania Tasmania was among the first regions in Australia to be planted with vines. In 1823, Bartholomew Broughton, an ex-convict, planted vines at the prospect. He created the first commercial vineyard […]

The Ancient French Variety: Carménère

The Ancient French Variety: Carménère Carménère is an ancient red grape variety from France, specifically the region of Bordeaux. Grande Vidure is another name for it. Phylloxera, an insect pest of commercial grapevines, decimated […]

Wine Profile Series: Gamay

Wine Profile Series: Gamay  Among the red grape varieties, Gamay is the "sprinter." It sprouts early, bears large quantities of grapes, and is harvested early. Moreover, these grapes are often processed into wine relatively […]


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