Pinot Noir

History Of Wine in Canada

History Of Wine in Canada Canadian wine is primarily produced in Ontario and British Columbia, the two largest wine-producing provinces in Canada, with two-thirds of Canada's vineyard acreage situated in Ontario[1]. However, wine-producing regions are also present […]

History of wine in Tasmania and New Zealand

Wine history in Tasmania Tasmania was among the first regions in Australia to be planted with vines. In 1823, Bartholomew Broughton, an ex-convict, planted vines at the prospect. He created the first commercial vineyard […]

The Month of May

May 1999-2000: Robert Mondavi started the Great Chefs of France program, bringing world-famous French chefs to his vineyard for cooking classes and demonstrations. Robert Mondavi and his old friend Julia Child played a crucial […]

The Month of September

September 129 AD: In this month, a practitioner named Galen was born. He was known for using wine, which has antiseptic properties, to heal the wounds of gladiators who were hurt in battle. September […]

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