The Month of July

July 1478 to May 1576: In this period, a group of Catholic monks is credited with having started the production of wine making. These monks eventually cut their links with the church, which resulted […]

The Month of November

November 1345: Pinot Noir was first mentioned in written records. It was recorded as being grown in Burgundy. In 1470, monks from France introduced the grape to the Rheingau area in Germany, where it […]

January 12

January 12, 1831: On this day, Philip Speakman Webb was born. British architect and designer Philip Speakman Webb is frequently referred to as the "Father of Arts & Crafts Architecture." He exhibited a dedication […]

May 25

May 25, 1966: On this day, Mission Hill Winery, was established in Canada. Although Travel and Leisure magazine has referred to Mission Hill as "the cornerstone of the Canadian wine tourist sector," the winery […]

November 13

November 13, 1935: On this day, Jon Winroth Broneer was born in Athens, Greece. He worked as a wine expert, consultant, writer, translator, and columnist on a global scale. In addition to co-founding and […]

October 26

October 26, 1943: On this day Sir Marc Aurel Stein, a Hungarian-born British archaeologist, died in Kabul, Afghanistan. Back in 1936, Stein had become the first individual to undertake excavations at Hajji Firuz Tepe, […]

July 5

July 5, 1894: On this day in 1894 Austen Henry Layard died. An archaeologist, politician, historian and travel writer, he is most famous for having discovered the Library of King Ashurbanipal in the remains […]


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