May 7

May 7, 1785: On this day, Sauvignon Blanc was discovered in France, where it acquired prominence in the Loire Valley and Bordeaux. May 7, 1945: Alfred Jodl, the head of the German military, presented […]

May 4

May 4, 1353: Serego Alighieri estate was founded on this day. The estate boasts the oldest cultural and viticulture legacy in all of Valpolicella. The Serego-Alighieri family has passed down their passion for winemaking […]

April 2

April 2, 1900: On this day, Robert Koch was the first person to show that bacteria recovered from one wine might reduce the acidity of another wine when they were introduced into it. This […]

August 28

August 28, 1784: Junipero Serra died at California's Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo. Serra led the Franciscan mission to California between the late 1760s and the early 1780s. At the Mission San Juan […]

June 28

June 28, 1826: On this day, Edward Staniford Rogers was born. In 1851, Rogers started the process of hybridizing American and European grapes, which ushered in a period of "enthusiasm and speculation" for grape […]


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