Soviet Union

Wine Policy and Trade in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union

Wine Policy and Trade in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union Political and social reforms across Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union have impacted wine production, consumption, pricing, and regulations. […]

The Month of September

September 129 AD: In this month, a practitioner named Galen was born. He was known for using wine, which has antiseptic properties, to heal the wounds of gladiators who were hurt in battle. September […]

Privatization of Eastern European and Former Soviet Union Vineyards

Privatization of  Eastern European and Former Soviet Union Vineyards Large-scale vineyards, state-owned or administered by cooperatives, were commonplace throughout the rule of the communist regimes. Many nations in transition have seen a considerable rearrangement of […]

March 31

March 31, 1991: On this day, a new hybrid wine yeast strain was developed and commercialized. In the wake of this discovery, Anchor Yeast became the first business and wine yeast brand anywhere globally […]

The History of Armenian Wine

The History of Armenian Wine Armenia is known as the world’s oldest winery, dating back to 4100BC. Armenia’s wine history is ancient; archaeologists discovered evidence of large-scale wine production in the Areni-1 cave complex. […]

September 21

September 21, 1945: On this day, Richard Childress was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Prior to being the founder and owner of Childress Vineyards since 2004, he achieved fame as a NASCAR driver and […]

May 25

May 25, 1966: On this day, Mission Hill Winery, was established in Canada. Although Travel and Leisure magazine has referred to Mission Hill as "the cornerstone of the Canadian wine tourist sector," the winery […]

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