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15 Books on Philosophy and Wine

15 Books on Philosophy and Wine Ever since Pliny the Elder talked about the truth-telling properties of wine, In Vino Veritas, philosophers have been discussing, debating, and extolling wine in relation to the Good […]

November 4

November 4, 1592 : On this day, Gerhard Van Honthorst was born. He was a Dutch painter from Utrecht who was a deep admirer of Italian art, traveling to Italy and learning from Caravaggio's […]

March 14

March 14, 1836: On this day, John Adlum, father of American viticulture, died. American viticulturist John Adlum is credited with being the first to grow the Catawba grape. The phrase "the father of American […]

June 15

June 15, 1873: On this day, John Reynell died. An immigrant from England named John Reynell established himself in South Australia as a wheat farmer, sheep and cattle breeder, vigneron, and winemaker. Reynell was […]

December 8

December 8, 1939: On this day, Josephine Tychson died. Josephine Tychson, a 31-year-old mother of two small children at the time of her husband's suicide, was one of the first woman winemakers in Napa […]

December 18

December 18, 890: Abd al-Rahman III was born on this day. He was an Umayyad prince, who controlled Cordoba as its Emir and then as its Caliph from 912 to 961 CE. His proclamation […]

December 29

December 29, 1961: On this day, Jeremy Oliver was born in Australia. Oliver is a wine expert and writer best known for publishing The Australian Wine Annual on his own. He has written several […]

March 10

March 10, 1939: On this day, Hugh Eric Allan Johnson was born in London. He is the author of classic books including Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book, The Story of Wine, and The World […]

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