April 11

April 11, 1950: On this day, Kathryn Hall was born. In addition to her decades-long work in the wine industry, she has been a successful businesswoman, lawyer, community activist, and the United States Ambassador […]

August 5

August 5, 1893: On this day, the Mudgee region of Australia began producing wine. Grapes were initially cultivated in the Mudgee region in 1858, and by August 5, 1893, there were a total of […]

August 31

August 31, 1814: On this day, Admiral Arthur Phillip died. Grapevines were brought to Australia by Captain Arthur Phillip's First Fleet in 1788. The first grapes, which were planted at Parramatta River near Sydney, […]

April 7

April 7, 1885: On this day in 1885 the first steam train pulled into Mendoza in the Andes region of western Argentina. It had arrived from Buenos Aires following the completion of the first railway […]

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