Celebrity winery

June 8

June 8, 632: On this day the Prophet Muhammad, founder of the religion of Islam, died at the city of Medina in western Arabia. Muhammad emerged as a religious leader in the cities of […]

May 8

May 8, 1962: On this day, Karen A. Page was born in Warren, Michigan. She is an author best known for her books on food and wine written collaboratively with her husband Andrew Dornenburg. […]

June 11

June 11, 323: Alexander the Great passed away. At the time, the south of Greece had a very prosperous wine industry. More specifically, by that time, Greek winemaking and wine trade had already shifted […]

April 11

April 11, 1950: On this day, Kathryn Hall was born. In addition to her decades-long work in the wine industry, she has been a successful businesswoman, lawyer, community activist, and the United States Ambassador […]

June 13

June 13, 839: On this day, Emperor Charles III was born who is an important figure in the history of German’s Pinot Noir. Often referred to as Charles the Fat, he ruled the Carolingian […]


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