Portuguese Wine Regions

Portuguese Wine Regions In recent years, Portuguese wine has gained enormous popularity across the world, and more and more tourists have started visiting Portugal exhibiting profound interest in their gastronomy and wine. When we […]

How Port Became a Wine Staple Through Trade Agreements

How Port Became a Wine Staple Through Trade Agreements "Port" is fortified wine originating from Douro Valley in Portugal. Historically, Portuguese wine gained popularity because of an increasing demand from British consumers. This consumption forced […]

May 9

May 9, 1386: On this day, wine exports/imports were established by the Treaty of Windsor. The diplomatic agreement between Portugal and England, known as the Treaty of Windsor, was finalized when King John I […]

April 15

April 15, 1874: On this day, Great London Exhibition took place. After the phylloxera threat was eliminated, Portuguese wine production began to rebound, and at the important London Exhibition of 1874, Portuguese wines were […]


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