March 14, 1836: On this day, John Adlum, father of American viticulture, died. American viticulturist John Adlum is credited with being the first to grow the Catawba grape. The phrase “the father of American viticulture” applies to him due to the role he played. As a well-known surveyor, one of the original associate judges in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, and a veteran of the American Revolutionary War, he also fought in the army during the War of 1812. His contributions to vine-growing and winemaking were not widely known again until the end of the 1800s, thanks to botanist Liberty Hyde Bailey.

March 14, 1920: On this day, Stanley Patrick Evelyn Simon was born. Simon was a wine wholesaler and importer, a military veteran, and a certified Master of Wine. He wrote frequently on the subject of wine for periodicals and authored the book Wine Taster’s Logic. He passed away on May 22, 2008.

March 14, 2002: On this day, Moscato di Scanzo was given status as a DOC. It was later upgraded to full DOCG status on July 4, 2009. This Italian appellation is authorized for the production of a selection of red, white, and passito wines.

March 14, 2005: PB Khao Yai winery gained its geographical indications (GI) protection products on this day. The Khao Yai Wine Region may trace its origins back to the PB Valley Khao Yai Winery, which opened its doors in 1989. The PB Valley Estate can be found around 150 kilometers to the northeast of Bangkok, making it an easy trip of fewer than two hours to reach Bangkok Metropolis.

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