March 7, 1864: On this day, Anna Larroucau Laborde de Lucero was born. She was a philanthropist and educator from France and served as a pioneer for Argentina’s grapes and wine industry. She was born in the French town of Oloron-Sainte-Marie. Anna moved to Argentina in 1878, accompanied by her uncles and brothers. Anna worked as an educational governess in Argentina and also taught music and French at one point. She spoke Basque, Gascon, Spanish, and French fluently.

March 7, 1957:  On this day, Gerard Basset was born. A world champion Master Sommelier and Master of Wine, he was considered one of the most decorated sommeliers in the world. He ran Hotel du Vin and allowed the staff at each location to choose the wine selections, granting the public a much wider exposure to different vintages and varieties than most hospitality chains at the time. He was also the author of The Wine Experience and 30 Second Wine. Basset passed away in January 2019.

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