July 8, 1952: On this day, Bolgheri DOCG was created. On the level plains near the Tuscan coast, the Super Tuscan was born. Here, sea breezes rather than height provide cooling, creating the perfect environment for foreign varietals, particularly the Bordeaux red grapes Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. A Super Tuscan wine is distinguished by the non-indigenous grape types that make up its blend. The Bolgheri region rose to prominence in the middle of the 1970s when Sassicaia, a 6-year-old wine, triumphed over many Bordeaux wines at a Decanter event and garnered praise. Over the following two decades, Super Tuscan wine gained in both quality and reputation. Due to its distinctive, non-indigenous set of qualifications, the category was sold under the straightforward IGT Toscana moniker.

July 8, 1970: On this day, Carla Capalbo was born. Carla Capalbo is a well-known author of books on Wine, cuisine, and travel who has garnered several awards for her work. Capalbo’s five most recent works were published using a hybrid publishing technique. She frequently contributes to newspapers and magazines. Another magazine to which she frequently contributes is Food & Wine. In addition, she is the recipient of Italy’s Luigi Veronelli medal for the finest international food writer. In 2017, she was interviewed for a program about the cuisine and Wine of Georgia broadcast on BBC Radio 4’s Food Programme.

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