July 7, 1957: On this day, the Barbera wine varietal was discovered. As of 2000, the Barbera red wine grape type was the third most often planted red grape variety in Italy. Barbera is an Italian wine grape variety. It is recognized for having a dark color, a substantial body, low levels of tannins, and high levels of acidity, and it generates excellent yields.

July 7, 1980: Beginning on this day and for several years after, Boerner, the first rootstock believed to be resistant to all phylloxera biotypes, was introduced in Germany.

July 7, 1996: On this day, Finger Lakes Wine Festival was initiated. In 1996, Watkins Glen International took over the Festival, which had originally been started by the New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, New York. Since then, the festival has expanded to become the biggest celebration of New York State’s wines, crafts, and cuisine on the East Coast. The American Bus Association has five times listed it among the Top 100 events, and USA Today readers have called it the “Best Wine Festival.”

July 7, 2021: On this day, the results from the Decanter Awards were announced and Spätburgunder wine won the ‘Best in the show’ award. This powerful red wine demonstrates why the Devonian slates of the Ahr valley have long been a preferred German location for Spatburgunder (Pinot Noir). With lots of elderberry and sloe lift, it has a deep color and arresting aromatic energy that recalls leaf and sap as much as fruit. The oak influence is mild and, though perceptible, compliments the fruit rather than overpowering it.

July 7, 2021: On this day, Pinot Noir Clutha won an award at the New World Wine Awards. The Pinot Noir Clutha received a Top 50 finish after being accepted for the New World Wine Awards for the first time in 2021. Tim Adams, the winemaker, and viticulturist for Toi Toi Wine expressed his happiness with the outcome and the victory despite coping with COVID-19 challenges and the difficult Central Otago grape growing environment.

July 7th, 2021: On this day, Albariño/Alvarinho wines won seven gold medals, gaining significant recognition globally. One medal was awarded to a winery in Vinho Verde, Portugal, and four medals were given to wineries in Galicia, Spain. Additionally, there were gold medals for Uruguayan and New Zealander albarinos . Actually, New Zealand Albarinos won just as many gold medals as New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs. Albarino is regarded as an exhilarating alternative white type that resembles Riesling and Viognier in appearance but without their drawbacks.

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