World History Timeline

The history of wine moves along with human history. It follows a path that started somewhere over 10,000 years ago and keeps pace with human civilization till today. Following are, the few important events from wine history, indicating turning points that lead to rising of wine in our society and its widespread acceptance.

  • 10,000 BC Earliest Known Production of Wine

    The earliest wine production that has been documented dates to an ancient Colchis region, which is 10,000 years old. Today, this area is known as Georgia. At two sites south of Tbilisi, the capital
  • 7000 BC Evidence of the ancient winemaking in China

    Researchers have hypothesized that China may be another potential wine birthplace. Here, fragments of some of the earliest wine earthenware known to man, dated to 7000 BC, have been discovered. In the Henan Province
  • 4500 BC Wine first arrived into continental Europe through the tribes that lived on Balkans.

    The tribes that lived in the Balkans brought wine to continental Europe first. Southeast, Southern, Eastern, and Central Europe are alternate locations for the Balkans and portions of this region. The Balkans’ distinctive character

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