Top 11 Wine Blogs You Should Follow

What better way to end your day than with a nice glass of wine, right? If you’ve been in the wine world for some time, or if you’re just starting out, you’ve probably at some point thought to yourself, “Where do I start?” With all the amazing wines and brands out there, it can be overwhelming when thinking about where to start or which wine bottle to grab first. Luckily, there are many informational and impressive wine blogs out there, and we’ve collected the top 15 wine blogs that you should definitely visit if you’re stuck and need some inspiration.

  1. Glass of Bubbly

Started by an amazing couple, Glass of Bubbly is now one of the most popular blogs in the wine industry. Eve and Christopher Walkey had a strong love and passion for Champagne and sparkling wines before deciding to embark on this journey of giving light to so many amazing wines, as well as informing about the beautiful wine regions around the world. 

Glass of Bubbly teams up with wine producers of all levels, whether big or small, local or international. In order to give many the opportunity, Glass of Bubbly keeps a fixed economical price for their services. 

Not only do they provide articles on different wines, but they also have articles on how to create a successful wine YouTube channel, haunted wineries, and which wines are perfect for certain occasions. Head over to their website and check them out!

  1. Grape Experiences

Cindy Rynning is the owner of the award-winning wine blog Grape Experiences. Though she had a love for wine for as long as she could remember, Cindy then realized she also had a love for learning about it as well. 

Throughout the 12 years since starting her blog back in 2011, Cindy has taken and passed several courses to become more familiar with and educated about wine such as the WSET Level 2 and 3. Perhaps Cindy didn’t realize that this passion for learning about wine would take her around the world. She has had the opportunity to explore the world visiting and exploring wine regions, meeting and interviewing many winemakers, trying new wine and food pairings, and even being invited exclusively to wine events and opportunities around the world.

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On her blog, Cindy writes about all her experiences and adventures that are centered on wine, so check out her page to get a glimpse of her world in the wine industry.

  1. Berry’s Wine Blog

Britain’s original spirit and wine merchant has been around since 1689. Believe it or not, Berry Bros. & Rudd Wine have been supplying wine to the royal family since the time of King George III! There’s definitely lots of history and knowledge for the Berry’s Wine Blog to share with the rest of us. 

Throughout the years, Berry’s Bros. & Rudd have been known for the amazing integrity and care they give to every person that walks through their doors. Head over to their page to read articles that date back to 2007! Dive into their articles and learn about the rich history of their amazing journey in the wine industry.

  1. Hudin

A 50% employee discount for wine converted Miquel Hudin into a full-blown wine connoisseur. Surprisingly, Miquel found his love for wine while working with film director Francis Ford Coppola, the person behind the movies Niebaum-Coppola and Inglenook.

Miquel soon headed out to Europe to travel and research to complete a book that he was writing. Little did he know, Spain would then become his home, and his writing would turn into his career. Thanks to his dedication, Miquel has become a wine judger for many wine competitions all over Europe. With his many awards such as Best Drinks Writer in 2017, the Geoffrey Roberts Awards in 2016, and more, you won’t want to miss out on the info that Miquel Hudin has to offer. 

  1. Talk-A-Vino

A doctor’s recommendation for a glass of red wine a day is what sparked a passion for this next writer, Anatoli. Though he was already a fan of wine, Anatoli listened to the doctor’s recommendation and went for it. In the years to come, Anatoli began to not only drink wine but learn every little thing he could to expand his knowledge. He completely immersed himself in the wine world by taking notes for each bottle of wine he tried. 

In a simple regular journal, nothing fancy, Anatoli would peel off the wine labels from each bottle he tried, he’d stick them onto a sheet, and wrote notes beneath with as much detail as he could.

Over the years, Anatoli has taken courses to learn more about wine, has worked as a Sommelier, and now dedicates his time to this amazing blog, Talk-a-Vino. Here you’ll find articles about his experiences with wine, where certain wines are made, restaurant and travel recommendations, as well as food, whiskey, and general life updates. 

  1. My VanCity

If you’re a fan of the Vancouver, BC, and Okanagan Valley, My VanCity is the wine blog for you. Valerie van der Gracht started this blog to inform people in the area about the fun activities going on in Vancouver. With BC containing five different wine producing regions, of course, it’s a hot topic in this blog.

This blog is very active and there’s something new to read almost every single day. Currently, there are about eight writers that work together to create this successful blog that is full of all sorts of interesting articles. Head over to check out how you can spend your weekend in Vancouver and the surrounding areas!

Okanagan Valley

Okanagan Valley Vineyard

  1. Food Wine Click!

Curiosity led Jeff Burrows to become a wine expert after starting with pretty much no knowledge of the beverage. A year after their neighbors opened up a winery, Jeff and his wife Julie decided to drink wine to accompany and enjoy their meals. 

Jeff loves the way wine and food come together and support each other’s tastes to create indulging experiences. In his blog, he dedicates his articles to teaching and sharing his knowledge and facts on wines, meals, and places to travel. Learn about different wines and wineries from all across the world with Jeff from Food Wine Click!

  1. Vino Travels Italy

Before studying abroad in college in Florence, Italy, Jennifer wasn’t even a fan of wine but would drink a glass of red wine here and there. In fact, it wasn’t until she returned back to the states that she was fully introduced to the wine world by a friend who attended Finger Lakes in upstate New York. She worked at one of the wineries, so she was able to give Jennifer the full scoop and experience of wine.

Since then, Jennifer has traveled back to Italy several times and has explored all over the country, trying new wines along the way. Having an Italian background and heritage from both parents, as well as living in Italy and visiting various wine regions, has caused Jennifer to truly fall in love with the world of wine. 

Vino Travels Italy Blog was created for Jennifer to write down her thoughts and immerse herself deeper into the wine world. She shares her ever growing journey and shares the information she’s gathered from wineries, Italian winemakers, and all the wines she tastes.

Tuscany Vineyards

  1. The Corkscrew Concierge

Apart from being a Certified Specialist in Wine and owner of The Corkscrew Concierge Blog, Kat is also a corporate tax lawyer. Prior to starting her blog, Kat was the go-to person amongst family and friends for all the wine details and recommendations. Writing about wine and travel was always on Kat’s mind, but she wasn’t quite ready to take the leap just yet.

Kat’s love for wine started with large boxes of pink wine, but she quickly realized how ready and excited she was to jump in completely. Knowing how she started with little to no knowledge on wine, Kat makes it a priority to present wine and travel to everyone, regardless of their knowledge and experience on the topics. Her articles help you feel comfortable on the subject of wine because she makes sure each has accessible knowledge for all to learn and enjoy.

  1. Texas Wine Lover

Prior to dedicating time and hard work to his blog, every now and then, Jeff Cope would enjoy a glass of wine before meeting his life partner who introduced him to better-tasting wine rather than the boxed wine he was drinking at the time. Upon visiting wineries in the Texas Hill Country, they discovered a Texas wine passport that allows you to gain points with every winery you visited, similar to a frequent flyer mileage program. This pushed both of them to start their journey by visiting every single winery in Texas.

With everything he was experiencing, Jeff decided a blog would be the perfect place to keep track of his trips and wine tasting! Out of the 500+ wineries in Texas, Jeff has gone to almost 500 of them over the years! Apart from Jeff’s opinion of each winery he’s visited and the wine he’s tasted, the website includes the most up-to-date list of wineries in Texas and winemaker profiles. Take your wine journey further using Plan Your Trip on the site and the new Texas Wine Lover mobile app. Head over to Texas Wine Lover and immerse yourself in their amazingly informational articles.

Texas Wine Country Vineyard

  1. WineO Mark

Mark’s love for wine took him on a unique and amazing journey, and it’s all thanks to his dad. One night while having dinner to celebrate his first promotion, Mark’s dad bought wine to accompany their steak dinner. This instantly lit Mark’s fire, and before long he was a certified sommelier, absolutely hooked on wine. 

When China’s wine market was growing, Mark decided he’d take a chance and move there to share delicious California wine. To expand his clientele, Mark started to host wine parties where people could come together, have fun and learn about wine. WineO Club was then created, which was followed by WineO events in NYC to teach people about wine, which developed to be the #1 Wine Event in New York! Mark has created an entire community and all thanks to his love for wine.

One of the best aspects of wine culture is the way it brings us all together. Whether that be with family, friends, or even friends online, it’s amazing to know that wine culture is strong in the community.

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