There are certainly numerous options if one is looking for the best films about wine. Discover what goes into producing one delectable beverage by watching wine videos that dispel myths (and frauds), highlight some of the most well-known brands, and discuss taking over a family business and the power of community. What happens if a vineyard has a bad season, and how rigorous is sommelier certification and training? Is winemaking an artistic endeavor? Even the consequences of climate change on the wine business will be covered in some of these movies. Others will compel you to consider the pretentiousness and status of wine in greater detail.

  • 1969 - The Secret of Santa Vittoria (1969) film released

    The Secret of Santa Vittoria, a throwback to the late 1960s, adapts a well-known book for the big screen. Santa Vittoria, a town known for its wines, unintentionally elects local alcoholic Bambolini to the

  • 1989 - The Vineyard film was released

    A vintner in the horror film The Vineyard makes wine from the blood of his victims. You cannot deny that you are a little interested in this film.

  • 1992 - Year Of The Comet film was released

    The quest for the most priceless bottle of wine in history is the subject of the romantic comedy adventure movie Year of the Comet from 1992. The year it was bottled, 1811, is referenced

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