Are you prepared to do some research to learn more about the wine industry? Or perhaps you’re curious about what winemaking requires or how to succeed as a winemaker. You will receive the greatest and most satisfying answers to your inquiries if you watch the wine documentaries on this list. You’ll get a deeper comprehension of wine and winemaking. Choose a documentary to broaden your perspective or discover some icy, hard facts. In any case, unwind, relax, and allow this insightful information expand your understanding of wine.

  • 2004 - Mondovino wine documentary

    This ambitious Palme d’Or nominee takes us to France, Italy, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, and the US to study the effects of globalization on the industry, whereas most wine films concentrate on a single region

  • 2006 - Oz and James’ Big Wine Adventure was released

    How do you feel about Top Gear celebrity James May? Your response may greatly influence how much you enjoy this two-season BBC series, which follows May as she travels to vineyards and learns to

  • 2010 - El Camino Del Vino (2010) documentary was released

    El Camino Del Vino is a dramatized wine documentary about a sommelier who loses his palate in the middle of a wine festival. It is an award-winning film on wine tasting.

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