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The wine world is enormous and can be overwhelming for even the most veteran wine drinkers. France alone has over 360 defined, official wine regions. Italy has more than 400, Spain has more than 80, and the United States has over 240. On top of all those regions, there are an estimated 10,000 different varieties of wine grapes in the world. Although to be fair, only a small portion of these are used on a large commercial scale. With the world of wine it’s safe to say even experts have room to increase their knowledge. But don’t get overwhelmed by these figures. Wine is one of the most interesting and fun subjects to learn about; how many other subjects require you to pour yourself a glass?  

If you are interested in learning more about wine there are a multitude of different learning tools available. Some of the most popular include books, classes, blogs, and even talking to the staff of your local wine shop. But to be honest some of these options can lean a bit towards the dry side. One option that will increase your knowledge, while at the same time keeping you entertained is wine documentaries. In recent years, a good amount of well-made wine documentaries have been released on various topics in the wine world. 

A Few Popular Wine Documentaries

One of the most popular wine documentaries released in the past decade is called Somm. The documentary follows four sommeliers on their quest to pass one of the most difficult wine certifications, and gain the title of Master Sommelier. The film follows them as they study and prepare for the difficulties of the test, which includes a blind tasting portion. The documentary was such a hit that the same producers have gone on to make two more wine documentaries. The second is called Somm: Into the Bottle. This film goes more into how wine is made and discusses the mystery and often the silliness that follows the wine industry. The third documentary is called Somm 3 and is more about tasting wine. 

If you are looking for a documentary that’s a bit more scandalous, look no further than Sour Grapes. This movie tells the infamous story of Rudy Kurnianwan who sold an estimated $30 million worth of fraudulent wine to wine collectors and connoisseurs throughout the United States. The film interviews the FBI agents who arrested him, some of the collectors he swindled, along with various wine professionals. It also gives an interesting look into the world of high-end wine where bottles cost upwards of $1,000 a piece. 

If you are looking for something a bit more entertaining, check out Oz and James’ Big Wine Adventure. This is actually a TV series, rather than a film, but is a good balance between entertainment and education. It follows two of the stars of the hit TV show, Top Gear as they go on a trip to learn more about wine. The first season has them visiting different areas in France, while the second season features California as the destination. 

No matter what aspect of the wine world interests you, there is certainly a wine documentary you’ll enjoy. Check out the top wine documentary timeline below to see some of the biggest hits from the past couple decades. All of them are great resources to learn more about the wine world without sacrificing entertainment. 


  • 2004 - Mondovino wine documentary

    This ambitious Palme d’Or nominee takes us to France, Italy, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, and the US to study the effects of globalization on the industry, whereas most wine films concentrate on a single region […]

  • 2006 - Oz and James’ Big Wine Adventure was released

    How do you feel about Top Gear celebrity James May? Your response may greatly influence how much you enjoy this two-season BBC series, which follows May as she travels to vineyards and learns to […]

  • 2010 - El Camino Del Vino (2010) documentary was released

    El Camino Del Vino is a dramatized wine documentary about a sommelier who loses his palate in the middle of a wine festival. It is an award-winning film on wine tasting.



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