Top 10 Gifts Wine Enthusiasts

Anyone can run to the liquor store and buy a bottle of wine for a gift. The problem is that the wine lover in your life probably has a hefty collection already. Why not surprise them with a unique gift that will accompany their wine instead? Here is our top 10 list of gifts for wine enthusiasts.

We’re not talking about the wine charms your grandma puts out at Christmas, either. The world of wine gifts has expanded to new horizons with everything from to go tumblers to creative wine cork holders. No matter your wine lover’s style, you’ll be sure to find something, Let’s get into it!

  1. Electric Wine Opener Set – $49.99

Let’s face it, opening a bottle of wine can be a pain. Even if you know what you’re doing, the cork can break or get stuck in the bottle. With the rise of twist off caps, this is becoming less of a problem but you can’t always avoid the traditional cork.

For the wino in your life who has trouble opening their bottles, this electric wine opener set is the perfect gift! The set includes a rechargeable wine opener, electric aerator, foil cutter and vacuum stoppers. This is also a great gift idea for someone who has just started getting into wine, so they’ll have everything they need to open and store their wine efficiently.

  1. YETI Wine Tumbler – $25.00

This one is for the wine lover on the go. YETI now makes wine tumblers that are perfect for a stroll in the woods. It’s made with stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation to keep your cold or hot drinks safe. You can also throw it in the dishwasher when it’s dirty to save some time.

The YETI wine tumbler is perfect for the wine lover who is also into camping and outdoor activities. Amazon has several colors to choose from to fit anyone’s style! This is a wine enthusiast instant classic.

  1. 2 Bottle Wine Tote – $25.99

An insulated wine tote is a great gift for someone who loves to picnic in the park. Lugging wine bottles can be cumbersome if you don’t have the right gear. This tote comes in several patterns, and has an adjustable carrying strap. It’s built to carry two bottles to your next picnic!

  1. Wine Chiller – $16.99

Wine chillers are an excellent gift for the white wine drinker on your list. This nifty gadget is not only a wine chiller, but an aerator and pourer as well! All you need to do is pop it into the wine bottle and you’ll have a perfectly chilled wine that’s easy to pour. Keep in mind this chiller needs to be in the freezer for at least two hours before using!

  1. Vacuum Sealed Wine Stoppers – $13.99

There’s nothing worse than opening a bottle of wine and not finishing it before it goes bad. That’s where wine stoppers come in! Putting the cork back in isn’t going to keep the wine in good shape, which is why an actual stopper is necessary.

This two pack of wine stoppers is the perfect gift for the eco-friendly wine lover. They’re reusable, and you will be able to set the date you sealed it. With an affordable price, this is a great last minute option to throw in with another gift item.

There’s no better gift for a beginner wine enthusiast.

  1. Countertop Wine Rack – $39.99

Not everyone has the space for a full wine rack, especially in apartments. A countertop wine rack is a great gift option for the wine lover who tends to clutter their counters with bottles. This one holes 6 bottles, and can be displayed anywhere without taking up too much room. Bonus points if you fill it with wine bottles before gifting.

  1. Floral Wine Charms – $12.99

Whenever you see wine charms, it’s always some jewels on a gold ring. Think grandma’s house on Christmas. We love these silicone floral wine charms for a nice change of pace! They come in a set of 12 and an array of colors. Grab a set of these and wow the wine lover in your life with a cute and unique gift!

  1. Wine Glass Markers – $14.99

If your wine lover uses stemless glasses, wine markers are another great gift idea! They can also use them on wine glasses with stems, of course. The markers come in several colors, and after one or two glasses of wine no one can resist creating a design on their cup!

All you need to do when everyone is done is wash them off and you’ll have a clean slate! A good tip in the reviews states that you should draw on the glasses before pouring liquid into them, especially if it’s a chilled wine.

For the wine enthusiast who can’t remember which glass is theirs!

  1. Wine Picnic Table – $34.99

Bringing wine to a picnic is all fun and games until you’re trying to find a spot on the blanket to put your glass. Good news, the wine picnic table is here to save the day! This little bamboo table has slots for your glasses and a holder for the wine bottle. There’s plenty of room for an array of snacks, and everything will be safe off the ground. Bring this little gadget to the park, outdoor concerts or any other event you can think of!

  1. Wine Cork Holder – $32.95

It can be hard to figure out what to do with all those wine corks laying around. A metal wine cork holder is the perfect gift for newly weds, or any wine lover on your list. This version on Amazon comes in every letter from A to Z. You can also order a symbol to combine two initials, such as for a couple. It will be fun visiting whoever you give it to and see their progress!

  1. The Wine Lover’s Bucket List – $36.95

Have a wine lover on your list who loves to travel? This book is the perfect reference point. It’s also a beautiful hardcover copy, which will look nice on a coffee table. Not only does this book talk about wine, but it will essentially plan a trip for you. From vineyards to restaurants and where to stay, it’s got everything.

  1. Insulated Wine Tumblers and Bottle Set – $44.95

Every wine lover should have a set of tumblers they can take on the go. What sets this one apart is that it also has an insulated wine bottle. This set would go perfectly with the wine picnic table, or wine tote for all your on-the-go drinking needs. It comes in a variety of colors and styles to match your wine lover’s favorite colors.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that you don’t have to get the wine people in your life a bottle of red whenever a gift is in order. We hope you check out these gifts for wine enthusiasts and find something perfect. Cheers!

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