The worst harvest in Oregon Wine history occurred in 1984.

1984 - The worst harvest in Oregon Wine history occurred in 1984.

This is, by all accounts, the worst harvest season in Oregon Wine history—constantly wet, chilly, muddy, and late. A more encouraging development was the founding of Cameron Winery that year, and the Oregon Wine Board, now known as the Oregon Wine Advisory Board, that started financing enology research at Oregon State University.

The Oregon Wine Board (OWB) is a government organization in the U.S. state of Oregon that works to promote the growth of the state’s wine sector and to coordinate its efforts to sell internationally as well as domestically. The Oregon Governor appointed the nine-member board, which is financially funded by a tax on locally grown wine grapes and by sales of Oregon wines within the state. The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) is responsible for tax collection on its behalf, while the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services provides administrative assistance. It recommends to the OLCC labeling requirements for wines produced and bottled within the state while having no regulatory authority.



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