Max Schubert became a winemaker

1931 - Max Schubert became a winemaker

Max Schubert AM, an innovative Australian winemaker best known for developing Grange Hermitage, lived from 9 February 1915 to 6 March 1994. In the 2001 Sydney Morning Herald list of the 100 most significant Australians of the 20th century, Schubert was listed. In a German neighborhood on the outskirts of the Barossa Valley, a place famed for its wineries, Schubert was born to Lutheran parents. He started working at Penfolds in 1931 as a messenger boy, and at the age of 33, he was named the company’s first chief winemaker. He kept this post until 1975. Schubert worked for Penfolds for his entire career. He was hailed as “a humble and dedicated servant of the Penfold family, and then of the public firm, (…) a true company man, devoted to Penfolds.” Despite the objections of his managing director at Penfolds, Schubert volunteered for the Second World War and participated in it.


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