Maurice O’Shea became a winemaker

1917 - Maurice O’Shea became a winemaker

Maurice O’Shea (13 June 1897 – 5 May 1956), one of Australia’s most well-known winemakers, is usually cited as the pioneer of the nation’s modern wine industry. Maurice’s parents were Irish-born wine and spirit dealer John Augustus O’Shea (d. 1912) and Leontine Frances, née Beaucher. On the farm owned by his family in Pokolbin, New South Wales, which he named Mount Pleasant, Maurice began producing wine in 1925. Part of this business was sold by O’Shea to McWilliam’s Wines Pty Ltd. in 1932. O’Shea continued to serve as Manager and Director for the newly formed subsidiary Mount Pleasant Wines Pty Ltd. After selling the remaining shares of the business in 1941, he kept his position as manager and winemaker. Maurice O’Shea named a few of his wines after his friends rather than giving them a Bin Number or letter, as is more customary. There were names like Henry, George, and Elizabeth. McWilliams Mt. Pleasant “Elizabeth” Semillon is still made.

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