Madame Clicquot date of birth

December 16, 1777 - Madame Clicquot date of birth

Her name is still Veuve Cliquot, the name that graces a well-known winery, yet she is affectionately known as The Widow Cliquot. The first woman to run a champagne house was Barbe-Nicole Clicquot. When she was barely 27 years old and her husband passed away, she took over the family wine business. The wine industry, like many others, was predominately male in the early 19th century. She raised the standard of the family winery and turned it into one of the most known champagne houses in the world. She also produced the first vintage wine from a historic 1810 crop, further enhancing her accomplishments. She also added red wine to make the first pink champagne in contemporary times.


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