Earliest Known Production of Wine

10,000 BC - Earliest Known Production of Wine

The earliest wine production that has been documented dates to an ancient Colchis region, which is 10,000 years old. Today, this area is known as Georgia. At two sites south of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, archaeologists discovered ceramic fragments dating back 8,000 years that show signs of wine production. The researchers also noted that several of the jars had drawings of dancing men and clusters of grapes. According to co-author Stephen Batiuk, a senior researcher at the University of Toronto, “We believe this is the oldest example of the domestication of a wild-growing Eurasian grapevine primarily for the manufacture of wine.”

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Book: 9000 Years of Wine: A World History Tapa blanda – 22 Junio 2017 by Rod Phillips (Author). Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/9000-Years-Wine-World-History/dp/1770502408


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