Dick Shea first vineyard in Willamette valley

1989 - Dick Shea first vineyard in Willamette valley

Dick Shea left Wall Street in 1989 to work as a grape producer in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Shea Vineyards was one of the earliest Pinot Noir plantings in the now-famous Willamette Valley viticultural appellation known as the Yamhill-Carlton District. Dick Shea, an emigrant from New York’s Wall Street, had no idea how fortunate he would be in the future.

Dick Shea spent many years working on New York City’s Wall Street. He made the decision to relocate his family to the West, and while looking for a suitable location, he had a wine revelation: an Adelsheim Oregon Pinot Noir. He eventually settled on Oregon as his preferred location, and in 1989, along with two east coast partners, he planted Shea Vineyard. Beaux Freres Vineyard, which is jointly owned by Robert Parker and his brother-in-law Mike Etzel, was also being planted at the same time. The Yamhill-Carlton region was virtually unexplored at the time for Pinot Noir.

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