David and Diana Lett established Eyrie Vineyard

1966 - David and Diana Lett established Eyrie Vineyard

There was no wine industry in Oregon in 1965 when Mr. Lett arrived in the Willamette Valley with 3,000 vine cuttings and the idea that the best wines come from places where the grapes have to struggle to mature. He and his wife Diana planted 13 acres of grapes in a former prune orchard in the Dundee Hills in 1966 and gave the place the name Eyrie Vineyard. The future of Oregon winemaking was suggested by their vines. Currently, pinot noir is farmed on more than 10,000 acres all around the state.

In 1970, he produced the first batch of Eyrie pinot noir. He found it to be so disappointing that he started marketing it as spring wine instead of calling it pinot noir. His 1975 Eyrie pinot noir became the first American pinot noir to triumph over Burgundies in a blind tasting in Paris in 1979 when he swiftly regained his footing.

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