Coviello Salinès founded Amour Genève wine

2018 - Coviello Salinès founded Amour Genève wine

The Amour Genève wine made by Coviello Salinès is inseparably tied to his father, Freddie Francisco Salinès. One reason for this is the older Salinès’ affinity for the color, which is reflected in the distinctive electric blue tint. Freddie was born in December, which is symbolized by the birthstones tanzanite, zircon, and turquoise, which are all blue-colored. While traveling as a Marine, he loved to gather those stones as well as exotic wines and spirits. Coviello told Travel Noire that “He is the one who introduced me to wine and also cookery.” His passion was matching various wines, beers, and other items with the food he prepared. Since we are of Afro-Latino origin, having various meals and cultural fusions was always a priority in the home. Amour Genève, the name itself, has a clear connection to his father. Freddie loved Switzerland, and the two had wanted to visit Geneva together at some point. Sadly, Freddie unfortunately passed away before that desire could come true. However, Freddie did give his kid one more thing that would help him on his current course. a passion for science.


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