Alfred Baxter, winemaker, founded Veedercrest Vineyards

1972 - Alfred Baxter, winemaker, founded Veedercrest Vineyards

Californian producer A.W. Baxter (1928–2005) established Veedercrest Vineyards, which participated in the Judgment of Paris wine competition. The Veedercrest participant was Baxter’s first Chardonnay of a commercial vintage. In the cellar of his Berkeley Hills home, he started purchasing vines and producing wine. Then, he bought land on Napa’s Mount Veeder and established a Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard, raising the money through the sale of limited partnership shares. One of the limited partners, C. R. Nelson, suggested he move his winemaking to a thick-walled concrete structure at the by that point-closed Shell Shell Development Companies’ Emeryville research facility when the volume of wine production eventually overwhelmed his home.


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