The Wine Tasting Room Customs of America and France

The tasting room experience is an essential aspect of wine tourism and allows wineries to sell not only their products but also an experience. Tasting rooms are the wine country’s dive bars. You can expect to see a diverse range of people there, from flashing crown-wearing birthday girls to UC Davis biochemists and local TV anchors. Tasting rooms provide glimpses into the complexities of the wine industry and human nature.

The cellar door is a word that dates to when wineries began handing out wine samples from their premises. Wines were typically stored in the wine cellar in either packed bottles or oak barrels. As a result, the name cellar door was coined.

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The wine tasting is now held in a purpose-built space separate from the wine production and storage area, despite the term “cellar door.” This allows for a better presentation of the wines and separation from work areas where workers may be injured.

The Wine Tasting Room

A Wine Tasting Room in Mendoza

What to expect when you visit

An early, if not immediate, greeting from cellar personnel acknowledges that you have arrived and will be attended to. It certainly helps if the facility is well-presented and looks to have a pleasant atmosphere. The cellar staff’s complete attention to you and your company is desirable. Cellar personnel should provide background information about the venue and wine selection and wine tasting notes for you to follow while tasting. Instructions on holding the glass, tasting, and identifying the wine’s attributes using sight, smell, taste, and memory are excellent additions.

Great education comes from a solid verbal explanation of each wine as it is sampled, including the variety, vintage, qualities, and what type of delicacy it pairs well with. You can test a broad cross-section of the wines in one visit. See more articles here

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The Wine Tasting Room, The Wine Tasting Room Customs of America and FranceThe Wine Tasting Room, The Wine Tasting Room Customs of America and France

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