The Tank Garage Winery

When Tank Winery Opened in 2014, the owners were taking a considerable risk with a new type of business. This winery would mark the first-time people would pump wine from the garage, as the venue is located in an Abandoned gas station that closed in 1970. The building had been untouched for 30 years until two industry experts, James Harder and Jim Rugusci, got together to create California wine, and they decided to pay homage to the state’s culture[1].

Upon opening, the winery kept the theme of the 1930’s gas station, and it has become an iconic brand representing California wines. They produce one-off wines sourced from vineyards in the Napa Valley. Their tasting experience is different than a typical winery; their tasting room is called Lubrication. They also name their wines uniquely, like “Love now more than ever.” Harder got the inspiration to create the winery because he had previously visited a similar company in Washington.

Tank Garage Winery

Image Source: Food & Wine

Did you know? In 2017, the wine company was philanthropic and supported neighboring wineries that had losses after the wildfires.

In 2019, the winery experimented with 47 types of grapes and crushed all of them. This was also in a bid to be creative and learn more about the characteristics and textures of wine[2]. They produce many grape varieties, but some of the wines to try are the Tank Garage Winery ‘The Heavy’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Tank Garage Winery ‘Fast & Loose’ and Tank Garage Winery ‘Thundercloud.’

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