May 1999-2000: Robert Mondavi started the Great Chefs of France program, bringing world-famous French chefs to his vineyard for cooking classes and demonstrations. Robert Mondavi and his old friend Julia Child played a crucial role in founding the American Institute of Wine and Food (AIWF). In addition, he is involved in several wine-related organizations. He indulged in all of these pastimes because he was instrumental in bringing wine and food together. For more on Robert Mondavi, see our other posts.

May 2011: In May 2011, Robert Parker became the first wine writer/critic to be awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit, the Gran Cruz de la Orden del Mérito Civil, Spain’s highest civilian accolade, by His Majesty King Juan Carlos and the Spanish government at a ceremony and reception in Madrid.

May 2011: In this month, Pinot Noir harvest shortages were sensitively caused by a harsh frost in the Palatinate, Rhine-Hesse, Franconia, and Württemberg. “The vinegar fly is now bothering us” Patrick Johner of Badean Bischoffingen lamented. A considerable decrease in the grape harvest was caused by the harsh weather during that season

May 2011: This month saw four hundred cases of wine from private collectors taken by a crew of six cunning burglars in East London. They destroyed the gate lock and turned off the security cameras and alarms. They loaded pallets of expensive wines using a forklift rather than grabbing individual bottles. They made off with a treasure that is thought to be worth $1.6 million.

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