June 1956: The earliest chemical trace of wine at the time was discovered: tartaric acid and resin in Hajji Firuz Tepe/Godin Tepe, Iran. Tartaric acid, found in grapes, and resin, found in evergreen trees, were present in these jars from 5400 BC.

June 1956: The launch of bag-in-box wines became common in the wine sector. During this time, William Scholle was the one who came up with the concept of putting wine in a bag-in-box and went on to patent it.

June 1999: During this month, the first chemical trace of any fermented beverage was discovered within clay jars at Jiahu, in the Yellow River valley in China. Rice, honey, and fruit were the three components that went into making the 9,000-year-old combination.

June 2004: The World of Fine Wine was first published. The World of Fine Wine (abbreviated WFW) is a quarterly British journal aimed at a rich readership of wine collectors and aficionados.

June 2012: In this month, Penfolds, one of the most famous wineries in Australia, sold a bottle of Block 42 Cabernet Sauvignon (Red Wine) at $168,000.

June 2018: In this month, in New York, 15 wineries were sued for discriminating against the blind. The complaints allege that the wineries’ websites are insufficiently accessible for persons with a visual disability, all of which stem from a single plaintiff in Brooklyn. ADA-related website cases have been filed against dozens of other wineries around the United States since then. This raised the question of what it takes to make a website ADA-compliant, improve accessibility, and avoid potential litigation.

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