February 2007: Empire Merchants LLC was founded as a result of a merger between Peerless Importers Inc. and Charmer Industries Inc. It has since become New York City’s main wine and spirits distributor.

February 2016: In this month, Breakthru Beverage Group was founded. Breakthru is a relatively young firm in its current form, having emerged via a merger and acquisition that brought together the Charmer Sunbelt and Wirtz distribution companies in early 2016, along with 15 other companies they had acquired in prior years. Operating in mostly central, eastern, and southern states, Breakthru has headquarters in both New York City and Illinois.

February, annually: Shiraz grapes are harvested in Australia during this period. One of Australia’s key varietals Shiraz is cultivated in sixty out of the country’s sixty-five wine districts.

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