August 1248: During this time, Château de Goulaine began its wine journey as the de Goulaine family produced wines for their personal consumption. Eventually they turned commercial and became France’s oldest continuously operational winery, the second oldest in the world after Staffelter Hof. It is the earliest castle in the Loire Valley and can be found close to Nantes.

August 1924: This month marked the beginning of Al Capone’s seven year rule as the most prominent person in American organized bootlegging. Capone was able to avoid punishment for most of the crimes he committed; nevertheless, the Internal Revenue Service received a decision from a higher court to back up their claims against him. The IRS calculated that Capone’s income was more than one million from 1924 through 1929. They said that since he failed to file tax forms, he was able to avoid paying federal taxes totaling $219,000. Following the addition of interest and penalties, Capone was responsible for paying the IRS a total of $383,000. Ultimately, Capone was convicted in 1931 and sentenced to 11 years in federal prison, $50,000 in fines, and a payment of $215,000 in unpaid taxes by an American federal court. He was imprisoned from 1929 until 1939..

August 2015: In this month, Enotria Winecellars and Coe Vintners merged.. Enotria Winecellars had established itself as the dominant force in the market for extraordinary wines, and Coe had established itself as a pioneer of distinctive, premium spirits. Enotria&Coe aspires to build on the legacy and success of both prior firms, honoring Remo Nardone’s and Eric Coe’s passion, dedication, and entrepreneurship in growing the company from humble beginnings to the endeavor it is today.

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