The Month of March

March 1224: The first-ever wine tasting competition was held. French King Philip Augustus initially organized the competition; because the king was the only wine critic who counted. The competition consisted of around seventy different […]

October 25

October 25, 1147: On this day, Afonso Henriques captured Lisbon. To get away from a storm, 164 ships carrying 6,000 English, 5,000 German, and 2,000 Flemish crusaders docked in Porto. They were invited to […]

March 25

March 25, 1935: Jean-Michel Cazes was born on this day. He founded the insurance company Axa-Millésimes, which works with wineries and estates, and he also owns several estates, including Villa Bel-Air, Domaine de L'Ostal, […]

December 1

December 1, 1834: On this day, slavery was abolished in the United Kingdom. The British Houses of Parliament enacted the Slave Emancipation Act in 1833: Although slavery was legally abolished on December 1st, 1834, […]


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