The Underrated Italian Varietal, Barbera

The Underrated Italian Varietal, Barbera Barbera is Italy’s third most planted red wine grape after Sangiovese and Montepulciano. Also known as Barbera Nera, this grape shines for its quality and elegance. Barbera is immensely […]

December 28

December 28, 1847: Henderson Luelling was born. An American Quaker and abolitionist who practiced horticulture, Luelling holds the distinction of establishing varietal fruits in Oregon, a state now reputable for the depth of its […]

July 7

July 7, 1957: On this day, the Barbera wine varietal was discovered. As of 2000, the Barbera red wine grape type was the third most often planted red grape variety in Italy. Barbera is […]

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