September 8, 1959: On this day, Charlie Trotter was born. Trotter was an American chef based out of Chicago who established one of the world’s most influential restaurants, the eponymous Charlie Trotter’s. He had a vast wine collection and cared deeply for the proper pairing of wine and food. He was a valuable mentor for many of America’s most talented chefs. He passed away in 2013. This article from NPR reflects respectfully on his accomplishments.

8th September 1998: It was on this day when the grapes of Mumm Cordon Rouge Rose from Champagne, France, were harvested, making it the Vintage Year for this Wine.

September 8, 2010: On this day, Holden Manz Winery, South Africa established. The area that contains the Holden Manz Wine Estate can be found in the southwestern part of the Franschhoek Valley, sometimes known as Bo Hoek by the people there. In 2010, Gerard Holden and Migo Manz purchased the property and made investments in the vineyard and cellar, which resulted in a full renovation. They intended to establish a boutique winery that specialized in quality wines.

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