September 7, 1714: The War of Spanish Succession between Spain and Austria ended on this day after over a decade.  France could not export products to Britain during the war. Since France was a major international trade partner for Britain, the war significantly affected the wine economy. The inability to export products to France had its roots in the 1689 War of the Grand Alliance. Besides, the concerns about Britain’s over-dependence led to the tilt towards imports of Portuguese and Spanish wines during the war. After the war, Britain imposed tariffs that prevented the easy entry of French wine until 1860, when the Anglo-French Commercial Treaty was signed, allowing normal trade between France and Britain.

September 7, 2020: On this day, Wakayama Umeshu gained its Geographical Indication (GI) status from the Japanese National Tax Agency. Umeshu is produced from ume, Japanese plums. The consumption of ume is quite common in Japanese cuisine. Although they are often known and referred to in the English language as plums, they are a kind of apricot. Wakayama, the leading ume-producing area in the nation, is also the location of some of the country’s finest umeshu.

September 7, 2021: On this day and period, during the spring and summer, the French wine industry was severely affected by the disease, poor weather, and frost in the vineyard, which drastically to nearly third less than the previous year.

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