September 5, 1853: On this day, the Drayton wine was established by the Drayton Family. The Drayton Family is one of the most well-established winemaking families in Australia. They have over 160 years of experience in creating wine, and they use contemporary winemaking processes and equipment to produce wines of exceptional quality and standing.

September 5, 1969: On this day, Joe Fattorini was born in Britain. Fattorini is a writer, wine expert, and presenter for media. He is the author of a 14-year strong column in The Herald, with many other publishing credits to his name. His television credits span from ITV to the BBC. He has been on numerous radio programs.

September 5, 2009: On this day, Fairtrade Label South Africa (FLSA) was the first Fairtrade Marketing Organization to be created in the developing wine industry in South Africa.

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