September 29, 1571: On this day, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio was born, though he is known to most as the painter simply called Caravaggio. Caravaggio painted a piece called Bacchus, depicting the capricious Greek god of wine, fertility, and celebration. The painting was commissioned by Cardinal Del Monte, one of his consistent early patrons.

September 29, 1958: On this day, James Suckling was born in Los Angeles, California. Suckling is considered one of the world’s leading wine critics, and was a long-time Senior Editor at Wine Spectator (for three decades!). He travels internationally to deliver the highest quality wine reviews and content, grading on a 100 point scale. He now posts reviews and reports to his fully-staffed website, organizes events, offers public speaking arrangements, and more. He was even knighted by the Italian government. Suckling also holds expertise in the topic of vintage cigars, having held the position of European Editor for the magazine Cigar Aficianado. He currently resides in Hong Kong with his family.

September 29, 1963: On this day, Leslie Edward Claypool was born. Claypool is best known for his role in the music industry, being the main force behind the band Primus, but he is also a passionate winemaker. He owns Claypool Cellars, which operates out of California. Claypool Cellars began as “an attempt to fill our own personal wine cache [and] has turned into a ’boutique’ wine venture and an attempt to make the best possible vino while still having a good time” (Claypool Cellars website). The company works with experienced winemakers Ross and Katy Cobb.

September 29, 2012: On this day, Julia Bertram from Dernau in the wine-growing region of Ahr was rewarded as the 64th, German Wine Queen. Julia is the producer of the award-winning Spätburgunder 2014, one of the most popular Pinot Noir wines in the country. The Spätburgunder 2014 is a fantastic wine to start a tasting out with, especially given how lovely the aroma comes from the glass.

September 29, 2020: On this day, The Sommelier’s Cookbook: Recipes and Wine Pairings for Discerning Palates was published. It was written by Joanie Métivier, a writer, certified Master Sommelier, and Whisky Ambassador based out of Quebec, with the intention of guiding home cooks toward perfect pairings using professional advice.

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