September 18, 1843: On this day, Charles V. Riley was born. He was a Francophile entomologist who discovered Phylloxera’s features by reading a French study and proposed a remedy that would include using more rootstock from the United States. Riley passed away on September 14, 1895.

September 18, 1908: On this day, Vinho Verde was defined as a demarcated wine region, which now extends across the northwest of Portugal. Entre-Douro-e-Minho is the traditional name for this region. Its northern border, which shares some of its length with Spain, is formed by the Minho River. Its southern border, which also shares some of its length with Spain, is formed by the Douro River and the Freita, Arada, and Montemuro mountains. It is one of the largest regions in Europe in terms of geographic size and the largest Portuguese-designated region. According to historical evidence, Vinhos Verdes were the first Portuguese wines to be imported into European markets.

September 18, 1974: On this day, Olly Smith, a British TV presenter, wine expert, columnist and author, was born. In addition to his array of books on alcohol and a range of glassware, Smith writes a column for Mail On Sundays YOU Magazine and previously wrote for TV. He is a frequent show host on British television, and interviews celebrity guests through his ongoing podcast A Glass With.

September 18, 1981: On this day, Fennville AVA was established. This Viticultural Area sits on the shore of Lake Michigan, bordered by a game reserve.

September 18, 1992: Colorado Mountain Winefest was initially created. The Colorado Mountain Winefest, the largest fundraising event for the Colorado Association for Viticulture & Enology, was established (CAVE). To promote and aid winemaking throughout the state of Colorado, CAVE is a 510c6 non-profit organization. Mountain Winefest, which now attracts visitors from all over the world and has been named the Best Wine Festival in the Country by USA Today, has developed into the biggest event of its type. During the four-day VinCO Trade Conference, which CAVE organizes, all festival earnings are invested back into the wine sector. Leading specialists in winemaking, grape cultivation, and marketing are brought together at this conference to share their knowledge and expertise with the Colorado wine industry.

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