September 14, 1938: On this day in history, Cecil O. De Loach Jr. was born. He is a winemaker who has had a considerable effect on the reputation of the Sonoma County wine sector throughout the course of his many-decade career. De Loach began developing one ranch in California in 1970, and over time, developed multiple properties into a unified brand: DeLoach Vineyards. He was an early pioneer in incorporating eco-friendly and sustainable techniques with vineyard farming methods. DeLoach Vineyards was bought by Boisset Family Estates in 2003. In 2005, De Loach founded Hook & Ladder Winery, another sustainably-run winery

September 14, 1998: On this day and month, the ‘Free the Grapes!’ campaign was organized in the United States by five different groups representing the wine industry. It proposes to abolish limitations in those states that still prevent customers from buying wines directly from vineyards and shops in any form. These prohibitions impede consumers from making direct purchases of wines.

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