September 13, 1954: Eric Arnold was born in the United Kingdom. Best known for his career with the Norwich City football club, Arnold later ventured into journalism He became a prolific writer in the wine industry, working for Wine Spectator and Forbes.

September 13,  1961: On this day, Pancho Campo was born on this day in Santiago, Chile. He is an event organizer, a motivational speaker, and a former tennis player. Campo is the first Chilean to attain the Master of Wine title.

September 13, 1977: On this day, Maximilian Riedel was born. Riedel: The Wine Glass Company, founded in 1756, is well renowned for its creation of grape variety-specific glassware, and Maximilian is the 11th-generation President. The business is well-known for developing double-decanting technology, which allows for hours of decanting in minutes, and for manufacturing the world’s first variety-specific stemless wine glasses (the Riedel “O” Series) in 2004.

September 13, 2010: Nashik Valley wine of Maharashtra attained the geographical indication in India on this day.

September 13, 2011: On this day, Côtes de Millau AOC was established in the South West of France. The viticulture area encompasses both sides of the Tarn River, and is best known for its red wines.

September 13, 2012: The Inwood Valley AVA was established, located in Shasta County. The 28441-acre AVA consists of 62.5 acres of planted vineyards; its terroir leads to the production of premium Cabernet Sauvignon and Burgundy-style varietals. Other grapes that do well in this AVA are Zinfandel and Syrah.

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