September 12, 1907: On this day, legislation was created requiring farmers to report the number of their crops after the Government mandated it. After then, they were only able to produce the amount of wine that their claimed crop was capable of producing.

September 12, 1996: On this day, the grapes of Pepper Tree Cabernet-Merlot from Australia, Limestone Coast, were harvested, making it the Vintage Year for this Wine.

September 12, 2002: The 28th annual Nederburg Auction, South Africa’s finest wine auction, achieved a new sales record on this day for the second year in a row. This auction grossed 7.34 million over 2 days, with close to 1,000 lots sold.

12th September 2003: On this day, the grapes of Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon from Champagne, France, were harvested, making it the Vintage Year for this Wine.

 September 12, 2016: On this day, in Armenia’s highlands, a group of researchers discovered a cave that contained what is believed to be the world’s oldest winery, dating back to 6100 BC. There were several identifiable artifacts, including a grape press, fermenting jars, a drinking bowl, and a cup. Later, the grapes present were identified as Vitis Vinifera, one of the most popular species of wine grapes to this day.

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