October 14,  1639: On this day, Simon van der Stel was born. Van der Stel planted the first vineyards in the Dutch Cape region in 1679 and is considered the father of the South African wine industry. His wine became popular in the 19th century, especially in Great Britain, after Great Britain imposed an embargo on French wine.

October 14, 1940: On this day, Cliff Richard was born. He is the third-best-selling musical artist in the history of the UK charts, beaten only by The Beatles and Elvis. Richard is also the long-time owner of Adego do Cantor, which began solely as a vineyard in the Algarve region of Portugal and eventually expanded into producing its own wines, winning multiple awards.

October 14, 2012: On this day, Prokupac Day was established to celebrate the Serbian wine-making traditions surrounding the titular red grape.

October 14, 2016: On this day, Sour Grapes was released in the US. It is a documentary on the fine and rare wine auction business, focusing on a counterfeiter who befriended the wealthy and influential and sold millions of dollars worth of fake wine through the top auction houses.

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