October 5, Every Year: The world celebrates Vranec World Day on this day. In the world of Wine, there is a growing trend of celebrating “days of wine grape variety,” when each day honors a different wine grape variety that is indigenous to a specific wine nation or area.

October 5, 1924: On this day, according to figures provided by the Los Angeles Examiner, the amount of illegally imported liquor from Canada into California totals around fifty million dollars

April 20, 1945: On this day, Steven Spurrier was born. Steven Spurrier was a wine specialist and merchant from the United Kingdom who was known as a promoter of French wine. He was the organizer of the famed Paris Wine Tasting in 1976 which legitimized California’s wineries in the eyes of the much older European wine industry. For more on Steven Spurrier, click here; for more on the 1976 Paris Wine Tasting, see our other posts.

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