October 25, 1147: On this day, Afonso Henriques captured Lisbon. To get away from a storm, 164 ships carrying 6,000 English, 5,000 German, and 2,000 Flemish crusaders docked in Porto. They were invited to join the personal crusade of Afonso Henriques, the self-proclaimed ruler of Portugal, to retake Lisbon from the Muslims. He offered them any possible ransoms as well as the transportable property of the Muslim residents of the city. The crusaders concurred and, on July 1, besieged Lisbon while Afonso and his men took control of the nearby countryside. The crusaders constructed manzanels and other contraptions and pounded the city. The Muslim attackers launched an attack and destroyed the siege engines. Following it, the crusaders established a blockade, and the war virtually came to an end. On October 21, the garrison consented to surrender in exchange for being given free rein to leave. Four days later, Lisbon’s gates were opened. Wine, salt, and fruit were the most valuable goods in and around Lisbon at the time Afonso took it, as was previously known at the time.

October 25, 1909: On this day, Paul Draper, a California-based winemaker, was born. He has been the chief winemaker at Ridge Vineyards since 1969.

October 25, 1938: On this day, a plane disaster in Victoria claimed the lives of three of the top vignerons, dealing a severe blow to South Australia’s wine industry. The fully loaded ANA Douglas aircraft “Kyeema” took off from Parafield and was headed towards Melbourne when it crashed into Mount Dandenong at 1:43 p.m., about 30 miles outside of the Essendon airport. Seven of the eighteen fatalities were from South Africa, making it the greatest aviation tragedy Australia had ever experienced. Thomas Hardy, managing director of Thomas Hardy & Sons, Sidney Hill Smith, and Hugo Gramp were the three winemakers. Hugo Gramp is the managing director of Gramps’ Orlando Wines. Charles Hawker, MHR of Hallett, was also one of the victims.

October 25, 1946: On this day, Elías Ricardo Figueroa Brander, a legendary Chilean former football player, was born. Figueroa played defense for a range of clubs during his immensely successful, nearly two-decade long professional career, and appeared in three separate FIFA World Cups. He founded Vinos Don Elías in Chile, which holds the distinction of being the first celebrity-owned winery in South America.

October 25, 2012: On this day, Marchesi Antinori inaugurated its modernist-designed new headquarters, Antinori Nel Chianti Classico, in the Chianti Classico region.

October 25, 2017: On this day, following the suspension of its license by the New York State Liquor Authority, a winery on Long Island closed down after officials accused customers of indulging in public sex, fights, and other disruptive behavior. Vineyard 48 in Cutchogue decided to cancel its license and close its doors indefinitely. The SLA accepted the winery’s attorney’s offer of a no-contest plea to withdraw the winery’s license, according to SLA spokesman Bill Crowley, who spoke to Newsday. If the winery wanted to reopen, Crowley said it would need to reapply for a license.

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