October 24, 1632: Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch naturalist and one of the first microbiologists in the world, became the first scientist to observe yeast cells directly, using lenses that he developed himself. Yeast fermentation has always been the key process by which wine is made out of grape juice even before winemakers knew what it was, but understanding the science behind it has led to incredible minute and specific techniques, leading to ever-more-refined wines.

October 24, 1943: On this day, Alejandro Bulgheroni was born in Argentina. A billionaire from a wealthy family, he spent decades working in business before selling half of his family’s corporation Bridas in 2010. He owns a number of vineyards across the globe, including the award-winning Uruguayan winery Bodega Garzón and the Napa Valley vineyard Lithology.

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